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On Desk Boxes

In Desk Boxes

Qiksilva Desk Box

On-desk Power, Data & AV solution.
Stylish and simple design power rail.
TUF A+C USB fast charger option.

QIKSILVA has been designed with a minimalist approach in mind. Compact and sleek, it is the designer’s choice. 

Taking up a minimal amount of desk space, the QIKSILVA is used in conjunction with the OE Elsafe QIKFIT range and provides a total solution for power, USB Fast Charging, data and AV connectivity at the workstation. 

By combining with the quick release brackets, this rail becomes ideal for hot-desking, training tables or any quick  relocation



2x GPO / 2x Data cut outs


4x GPO / 3x Data cut outs

Pluto Desk Box

360° Access to Power.
TUF HP USB C laptop charging option.
A range of colours available.

PLUTO satisfies a demand for power and data connectivity, in informal spaces, in a way that no other module has done before.

With 3 outlet positions, PLUTO is perfect for a small team to power/charge their devices. PLUTO is available in white, black.PLUTO can be securely clamped to a standard 80mm desk grommet hole, screwed to any suitable surface, or supplied with side entry power cord and rubber feet for free standing use. Perfectly suited to breakout areas, smaller meeting rooms, public spaces and anywhere power is needed. PLUTO makes sharing power a pleasure.



2 x GPO/ 1 x TUF Charger


2 x GPO/ 2 x Data

Axxess Desk Box

Quick and easy to install.
TUF HP USB C laptop charging option. Unique locking arm system.

Axxess is designed as a quick and easy to install in-desk box that provides connectivity to services for boardroom tables and workspaces.

AXXESS is manufactured using environmentally safe and recyclable components and is the ideal solution to provide easy access to power, TUF USB fast charging, data and AV services. TUF-HP USB C laptop charging is also available as an option. The lid of the AXXESS table box incorporates cable guides at both ends to guide and protect cables. The unique locking arm system ensures that AXXESS is securely fitted to the work surface using purpose-designed screws at each end which are then covered with screw cap covers.



Axxess in desk box 2 GPO/ 4 x Data cutouts


Axxess in desk box 4 GPO/ 5 x Data cutouts

*Colour Code either WH=White or BL=Black